Our Services

Why choose us?
  • A network of over 150,000 students at any point of time
  • Strong relationship with 250+ graduate colleges
  • Web based platform for campus awareness, counseling & recruitment
  • Round the year sustained brand recall
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Strong enablers to events such as PPTs, counseling sessions, campus recruitment events
  • Targeted Pan India campus awareness and visibility
Our Campus Service offerings include:

I. Campus Recruitment Solutions

CareerNet Consulting interactions and associations with various campuses, has helped organizations to get better response from various educational institutions and the best suitable candidates.

A. Managing end to end process
  • Campus liaison
  • Assessment Services
  • Administrative support
  • Post offer follow-up
B. PeP - A Nationwide Campus Recruitment Program
  • Nationwide campus talent benchmarking
  • Assessment of over 25,000 candidates from top 150+ campuses across India
  • Evaluation of a wide range of cognitive and technical skills
  • Providing pre assessed candidates at reduced cost and logistics
II. Campus Branding Solutions

"Simplifying CAMPUS TALENT BRANDING" is designed to equip an encompassing branding solution that will promote the client brand and also help propagate information about the careers within target student communities.

We serve the corporate in the following ways:
  • Develop campus-branding strategy representing corporate objectives
  • Branding plan with details of events, dates, budget and logistics
  • Facilitate company participation in different events
  • Effective transmission of company information
It offers various online features which broadly include:
  • Career Micro-portal
  • Showcase corporate profiles, videos/podcasts
  • Scholarships & Awards showcase
  • Corporate articles and announcements
  • Polls, Surveys and Online Quizzes
  • Ad banners
  • Mail Campaigns
  • Corporate showcase in the form of "Employer of the week" and other promos
III. Consulting Solutions

We offer consulting Solutions on compensation & talent landscaping for better utilization of resources at reduced costs.

We help companies design, develop and implement formal documented relationship with campuses for various university programs. Typical activities would include setting up of R&D labs, constituting of awards, sabbatical programs, participation in academic curriculum. We help them realize their corporate objectives with pre and post implementation support.

Pep 2009
5th Nationawide talent Search Program

Assessment of over 50,000 students from top 300 campuses across India.

Continuum, a pioneering initiative of CareerNet Consulting, is an endeavor to promote a strong industry academia ecosystem in India.

CareerNet Consulting
CareerNet is an integrated recruitment consulting organization offering professional services to technology, knowledge and BFSI and retail sector.