Campus-Connect, a division of CareerNet Consulting is a pioneering concept aimed at providing solutions for strengthening industry-academia landscape. We provide services to the corporate-campus ecosystem that provides avenues for collaboration, partnerships and information exchange between the participating institutions and people. We are presently working with over 80 leading IT & KPO organizations and have a strong presence in more than 100 top engineering campuses across India. We have provided extensive career counseling and career guidance to over 80,000 students and have had success in placement of over 2000 students in hi-tech companies in last 3 years. Our services also include helping corporate and academic institutions in establishing programs like sponsored research, constituting corporate scholarships, managing relationships, career placements and internship.

PeP 2009

PeP 2009, organized by Campus Connect is a Nationwide Talent Examination aimed to enabling superior campus selection for leading technology organizations. We covered top 100 Technology schools of India in 2007-08, where over 40,000 candidates registered for the program & we assessed over 20,000 pre-screened candidates using our nationwide assessment exercise.

PeP 2007 saw more than 30 corporate participating in the program including organizations like Akamai, CGI, Citrix, Montalvo Systems, Network Appliances, Veveo.TV, Webaroo, Hughes Systique, Intrasphere and Cradle among other who selected over 800 students through the program.

What is PeP?

PeP is a Campus Connect initiative aimed to provide a Pan India assessment and standardization of the campus talent pool. The program is deigned to create a nationwide benchmark for the available talent to provide the best career opportunities and internships to the final and pre final year engineering students in colleges across India.
  • PeP is an assessment program conducted at 50 centers across the country.
  • The test evaluates Aptitude and Technical skills of the participating students
  • Scores of the students are benchmarked and the participating organization in the program use the same for their campus hiring needs.
Pep 2009
5th Nationwide talent Search Program

Assessment of over 50,000 students from top 300 campuses across India.

Continuum, a pioneering initiative of CareerNet Consulting, is an endeavor to promote a strong industry academia ecosystem in India.

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