Why Campus

  • Large scale expansion plans of companies in India
  • Scarcity of good experienced engineers leading to sharp increase in salaries
  • Broad base talent pool available for hiring
  • Pressure to keep average per hire cost under control
  • Diverse and heterogeneous quality of technical education in India
  • Vast geographical spread of engineering campuses
  • Low awareness in campuses about product companies and emerging technologies
  • Year long campus recruitment cycle in most campuses
  • Lack of good avenues for campus branding and visibility
  • Long-term visibility into India specific plans
  • Build-up of Critical mass of experienced professionals to mentor fresh graduates
  • Evolved processes and mature development cycles
  • Build-up of training infrastructure and resources

CareerNet Consulting
CareerNet is an integrated recruitment consulting organization offering professional services to technology, knowledge and BFSI and retail sector.