CSR's leading position in the Bluetooth business has been won by a unique approach to IC design based on extremely high levels of integration, providing compelling performance and cost advantages to OEMs. In the Bluetooth market, CSR is ranked #1 in every Bluetooth market segment with a unit market share in excess of 50%.

CSR's BlueCore™ ICs are used in all principal applications including mobile phones from BenQ, HTC, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung and Sharp; wireless headsets from Hutchison '3', Jabra, Logitech, Motorola and Plantronics; almost all new models of laptop personal computers with Bluetooth capability introduced since 2003 (including Apple, Dell and IBM), mice and keyboards from Logitech, and in-car communication systems used in SAAB, Audi & BMW motor vehicles.

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CSR is a fabless semiconductor manufacturer specialising in innovative single-chip solutions for wireless-enabling products.
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General Manager Speaks
John Mudie
A warm welcome to the world of CSR!

CSR is a young dynamic semiconductor company hugely successful in providing Bluetooth solutions, and investing heavily in supplying a full range of wireless technology solutions including WiFi, UWB, NFC, ULP and GPS.

CSR India is located in Bangalore, and provides an unequalled opportunity for talented software engineers to develop their careers developing technologies which will change the way the world connects. The Bangalore organization currently employs over 120 highly talented engineers, where we develop world class protocol solutions for different wireless technologies.

The centre has full product development responsibility from design through to validation. A huge investment is made towards ensuring the product quality meets our demanding customer expectations.

But our biggest investment is in the talented people who together are responsible for the success of the Bangalore organization.