How to start doing projects?
July 1, 2008 - 11:31 AM
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Making a real good mini project is the dream of any engineering student.I dedicate this article to all the students who are willing to do some mini projects , but do not know how to start  or where to start. This amounts to a situation like boarding a train without knowing one's destination. Undoubtedly it may result in wastage of precious time as well as money.
I was no different a few months back. All you need a bit of planning and a bit of preparation to deal with a lot of happening days!

The following guidelines may prove useful in making your project.

The very basic is to know what you actually want. What kind of a project are you ready to work in? Suppose you decided to do it in Web Develping as it falls into your area of interest.Learn the basic stuffs like PHP, Mysql,HTML, Java script etc. Don't try to learn all the things in depth that is really not possible, first learn the basic.Form a group with your friends who has the same interest.Go through the tutorial website like w3schools.Cultivate a habit of using Google search, Wikipedia etc. Participate in technical forum, yahoo groups, gmail groups, IRC, (Free node) etc. And above all, nothing like it,if you could get a mentor.

Download the codes from websites like

Its now time for some action,
Start with some simple program, Go through the Read me file, just have a look at the source code, now you can understand what the program is all about. If you happen to find unknown or complicated codes refer online tutorial or get the help of an expert. Once you go through a few sample programs you might get some new ideas. Now its time for you to write your own program. Success also requires you to be self-disciplined, making optimum use of your time, being self-confident and having qualities of a professional.

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