Peak Performance
October 31, 2008 - 6:36 AM
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Hit your highest point / reach your zenith / reach your pick whatever is your deed.

When you are assigned with an important project by your boss it is essential that you establish a series of yardsticks or measures that you can use to evaluate your progress, day by day & hour by hour. The more clear & specific the measures you set, the more accurate you will be in hitting your targets on schedule.

If you want accomplish the project resolve to accomplish at least one specific part of a larger goal each day & never miss a day. Without imposing yourself in the form of deadlines no task can be accomplished.

When you are focusing on a project your performance on the job is already at work. You need to give your best performance consistently & regularly to get superlative results. There are 3 keys to peak performance in achieving your goals.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Commitment. When you make a firm commitment to achieve a particular goal, & you put aside all excuses, it is very much like stepping on the accelerator of your subconscious mind. You will be more creative, determined & focused than ever before. The people who are in the top positions are those who make clear, unequivocal commitments & then refuse to budge from them, no matter what happens.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Completion is the second ingredient in peak performance. There is a big difference between doing 95 percent of a task & doing 100 percent of a task. In fact, it is very common for people to work very hard up to the 90 percent or 95 percent level & then slack off & delay the final completion of the task. This is a temptation that you must fight against. Instead you must continually force yourself, discipline yourself, to resist this natural tendency & push through to completion.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Every time when you complete a small task, you feel happier. When you complete a large task, you feel happier still. When you finish the various steps on the way to the completion of a large task, at every achievement you get an endorphin rush. You feel continuously happy & exhilarated when you are working steadily toward the completion of an important job which your boss has given.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ Closure. The third C, after commitment & completion, is "Closure." Bringing closure to an issue in your personal or business life is absolutely essential for you to feel happy & in control of your situation. Lack of closure - unfinished business, an incomplete action of any kind - is a major source of stress, dissatisfaction, & even failure in business or at work. It consumes enormous amounts of physical & emotional energy.

ΓΆ€ΒΆ When you get your tasks done well in the said order you have earned the name of "depend-ability." When you are dependable in your place of work or getting the jobs done as assigned by your boss you will not only get paid or compensated more but will also be promoted faster. You will ultimately become extremely valuable than anybody else.

The happiness & the enjoyment which you achieve as a result of completing any project well are indescribable. The feeling of fulfillment, achievement puts you on a pedestal & you are eager to take on more & more difficult project as a challenge. Thus, your mental state will always be high & positive.
Example: Just see any successful person in cinema, business, sports, music, and arts. They attach a lot of pleasure while performing their job & when you attach pleasure & happiness instead of pain while discharging your functions you tend to give out your PEAK PERFORMANCE.